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The game is designed in a most possible "classic" gameplay (No Epics - only endgame armors,weapons and items) solely for player-based skill in PvPvE.

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Game Features:
  1. New Map locations (Shilayah, Shielynth, Kallistia)
  2. Level cap (Level 110 with Hero Skills)
  3. High EXP rates
  4. High Forge/Refine rates
  5. High Item and Crone Drop rates (IM items like Harmony Seal and Physical
  6. Blow scrolls, trinkets, SES, IP ticket points, Guild Stones)
  7. Level-up Rewards System (via NPCs)
  8. Additional NPCs (status/Skills resetter, EXP restorer, Stylists, World Cup Arena, etc.)
  9. Crafting System
  10. Non-tradeable items can be traded (e.g. boss drops, earrings, glasses)
  11. Additional items for teleportation stones at the Gathering Hall
  12. Decent PvPvE System
  13. Easier Guild Creation
  14. Easier Job Change (or the player can do the Job Change quest manually)
  15. Instance Zones

While the game is in Alpha version, some elements include the following below and we need players in order to test them:
  1. PVP Honor system (Vengeance or Hitlist)
  2. Mail System
  3. Townbattle system

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